Hey dude, this is how to wear a white tee with style

Hey dude this is how to wear a white t-shirt with style

Hey dude, this is how to wear a white tee with style

Can you imagine a car wihouth a wheel?

That is how your wardrobe looks like if there is not a plain white tee shirt in it.

It does not matter which is your style.

There is an incredible range of weaves and cuts to satisfy even the oddest need or like.

The white t-shirt is a cornerstone of the male wardrobe.

A wildcard to wear at any time.

Formal dinner or casual drinks?

There is an option for every social ocasion. As you can layer or delayer do not worry about if it’s going to be hot or cold. Remember to keep your white t-shirts in good shape and renew them when they look slightly flogged.

Remember there is not a boring white tee, only the way you wear it makes it boring. Let the inspiration hit you by following these tips and put a white t-shirt in your bag during your next shopping session.

1. Be stylish. Wear a Jacket.

A jacket matches great with a white t-shirt. It fits the position between too-overdressed and too smart-casual for those situations you need something to balance a too-relaxed outfit.

Which is the best blazer style to match with a white tee?

A navy double-breasted jacked over the white t-shirt, color pants and loafers. This is a simple outfit that sets a statement of style. Are you having a Tinder date tonight? This is your outfit to success.

Not your style? Do not panic, there are more ways to put together a white tee with a blazer. Use a dark two-piece suit, or not dark. Just too colors, keep a minimalist outfit.

Is this bringing to your mind the picture of a neglected blazer in your wardrobe? Take it out and start wearing it with a white tee today.


2. Keep it tight and tucked.

Finding the balance between being overdressed and being dressed down doesn’t have to be hard.

A pair of chinos and a tucked tight white tee put you there using the fast lane.

Tucking a white t-shirt works great with dressy trousers. Do not apply this style when wearing jeans. You will find instructions about how to wear a white t-shirt with jeans shortly.

Be sure the tee is not too long or it will not make a very nice fold over your waist. That time lifting iron will be blown away in minutes if this happens. This is easy to avoid using slim fit t-shirts.

If you are not slim or you have had some time having fun with food maybe it is not the best choice, but as we say, wear what makes you happy and you feel nice in.

Young man wearing a tucked white t-shirt

3. Combine the white t-shirt with denim

Denim and a white tee is the definite manly combination for a white t-shirt. It can be a denim button-up shirt or a denim jacket. This is a sure bet guys.

This outfit goes through all seasons like a knife through butter. It works all year no matter the season.

Use your imagination and give a second chance to those clothes laying down in your wardrobe.


4. James Dean’s style

James Dean is the icon of white t-shirts. Nobody will reach that level. Ever.

So the only thing we can do is to get inspired by him and pay a tribute.

The 50´s were a time of change. Greasers filled diners with their irreverent haircuts, and a minimalist outfit topped with those iconic leather jackets. Finished with a pair of jeans. Add a pair of Chelsea boots and boom!
This is how a tough guy looks like.

Play with different cuts to make this look more modern. But be careful, it is easy to create a mix that takes you to no man´s land.

Riding a vintage custom motorcyle or supercharged muscle car adds a bunch of extra style points.

James Dean at Rebel Without a Cause wearing a white round neck t-shirt

5. Put a heavy winter knit over your white t-shirt

Some clothes loose their appeal when layered. This does not happen with white tees. Do not hesitate to put a heavy winter knit on top of it. Be stylish while staying warm, two for the price of one.

Mix it with a black leather jacket, and why not, dark brown too.

This is simple and uncomplicated outfit that will save you a lot of time in those cold mornings when deciding what to wear.




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