Five tips to look awesome in a t-shirt

Five tips to look awesom in a t-shirt for men

Five tips to look awesome in a t-shirt

1. What are t-shirts for?

The t-shirt started as undergarment and during the last century it evolved until becoming a common and accepted article of clothing.

Be sure you are not wearing an undershirt by mistake instead of an outerwear t-shirt.

Depending on the ocassion there are different t-shirts available.Classic iconic I love New York NY white t-shirt

Funny t-shirts are for informal BBQ‘s with friends, group t-shirts for group activities, formal high-quality and design t-shirts for receptions, or worn t-shirts for pajamas.

Washing the t-shirts with the right products, ironing them inside out, and not stretching them will make them last longer and remain in better condition.

2. Pick the best fabric

The fabric quality makes a big difference not only in the weight of the t-shirt, but in its durability and how the color looks lafter washing it several times.

Natural fabrics are the best choice. Fabrics such as bamboo, Pima or Egyptian cotton are good natural choices.

Some fabrics are cooler and allow the skin to breathe better than others.

It is possible to find a blend of natural and artificial fibers creating a mixed fabric.

  • Polyester: this is an artificial fiber. It is a good choice to avoid wrinkles and it is very resistant to shrinking and losing its shape.
  • Merino: one of the priciest fabrics. It has a very high resistance to smell so it can be worn for days before it needs to be washed. A perfect t-shirt for travellers.
  • Combed Cotton: the short strands are removed and the longer ones straightened after a brushed process. This technique makes this fabric very strong.
  • Pima : This is a very resistant cotton and it stands very well against fading, stretching, and pilling and it stays soft. It is made by super long fibers and it is the highest grade cotton.
  • Bamboo: bamboo is an amazingly soft fabric. It is very breathable but pricer than cotton.
  • Organic Cotton: very respectful with the environment and it comes in different tones. Avoid allergies caused by pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Rayon: aka viscose, is another artificial fiber. It wrinkles very easily, on the other hand it has a very smooth touch.

3. Get the appropiate color

There are a lot of different colors to choose from but there are some that are the basics and we need them in our wardrobe.

  • Black: Black matches with any outfit. It is the wildcard of the clothing. But it needs special attention as when it fades it does not look so good.
  • Gray – there are tons of different shades of gray. It is a great color to highlight your body shape. If you sweat a lot maybe it is not the best color as sweat marks are very easy to spot.


  • Navy – this is a color that matches great with jeans to build a cool outfit. It is a good alternative to black.
  • White – Same as black it matches with any other color. It tends to become yellowy, but white clothes washed together with the right products will keep them white and nice.
  • Other Colors – blues, purples, greens, reds, oranges, yellows…. combine them with your complements, your shoes… make sure they do not clash with your skin tone.

4. Choose the right fit

T-shirts have different fits and shapes for women and men.

Men usually have broader shoulders and narrower waists, like an inverted triangle shape.

Women on the other hand have more round forms and look more attractive when they wear a fitted t-shirt.

But the best way to enjoy a t-shirt is to wear the fit you feel more comfortable with.

Fitted or loose. It does not matter if you are slim or chubby, express your style!!

Some fashion gurus say the perfect balance of a t-shirt fit depends on:

  • Neck: not so tight that it stops you from moving freely, but not so loose that it creates a big gap when you raise your arms.
  • Stomach: the tee should adapt gently to your body shape. A t-shirt too loose will not show your body. A tee too tight will show every detail.
  • Length: the ideal length for a top is one that can be tucked into your trousers but it does not create a bag over your waist. If it is not tucked into your pants then it should cover the waistband of your pants.
  • Sleeves: the sleeves never should be so long to reach your elbow. Show your guns! Fold the sleeves if they are too long. A t-shirt fitted to your arms will look great.
  • Shoulders: if the seams of the tee find the edge of your shoulders you have found your perfect size. Even though, it should allow you to move freely and comfortably.

5. Wear it with style

All of us have our own style and there are a lot of t-shirts to express it.

V-neck or Crew? Which kind of collar should I choose?

If you are a man with not a big chest or slanted shoulders a round neck will work for you. This will create an illusion of more body proportion.

V-neck collar t-shirts make your neck look longer. It balances narrow faces with long necks.

The t-shirt collar should match with the layering collar too.

The million dollar tee question. Should I tuck my t-shirt?

As a regular rule the answer is no.

But this changes if the t-shirt is part of a uniform. If the outfit requires it, then tuck your t-shirt into your trousers.

How to use a t-shirt to style your outfit?

Keep an eye on the celebrities. Jeans and a white t-shirts became an icon thanks to James Dean. A very manly look with less effort.

James Dean at Rebel Without a Cause wearing a white round neck t-shirt
T-shirts match well under a shirt, especially checked ones. It is acceptable to wear a jacket as well.
Let your imagination fly and combine the t-shirt with other clothes until finding the outfit and style that expresses your personality.

These have been our five tips to look awesome in a t-shirt, share yours with us using the hashtag #tipsforwearingatshirt


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